Beloved Christians and all stakeholders of the Anglican Church in Mbeereland may grace, peace and mercy in Jesus Christ be yours in full measure. Let’s remind ourselves that we belong to a Church under the foundation of Jesus Christ. Our Church history is great, and springs from a process, time, space and contexts where many personalities including us present today are part of it. We remind ourselves that "we are all one in union with Christ Jesus (Gal. 3:28)" and our motto in the Diocese remains as: "May Your kingdom come and May your will be done on earth (Mbeere) as it is in heaven (Mtt.6:10)." The Church in Mbeere has strived to live its purpose as the "agent of the Kingdom of God."

It's a blessing to recognize and appreciate ourselves for the growth of the Church and Christianity in Mbeereland, not forgetting all our church fathers and mothers whom we ascribe as the founders of our local churches, parishes, and church sponsored schools, church sponsored projects as well as the Diocese of Mbeere.

The Church history and the impact of her ministry in Mbeereland prompt a celebratory response from all Christians and the local communities in Mbeereland and Kenya who have continuously supported and benefited from the fruits of the holistic and transformational ministries for the last ninety five years.

The ACK Diocese of Mbeere has recorded tremendous growth in the last 9 years. All this has been made possible by a number of stakeholders that have given their time, ideas, monetary and other resources immensely to enable the Diocese run the Episcopal ministry, parish ministry and Departmental ministries. These stakeholders include the congregation that has generously given their resources in cash and kind, the clergy who have served the Diocese with patience, in a dedicated and committed manner, the leaders in various capacities who have continually given their time and resources towards the wok of the Lord in ACK Diocese of Mbeere. We appreciate the Boards, the Standing Committee of the Synod as well as the entire Diocesan Synod; and the numerous partners that God has brought into our life as a Diocese. We all appreciate your working supporting the work of God in the Diocese and may the lord bless you abundantly.

For the last 5 years we have been guided by the Bishop's charge, which outlines the dream of the Bishop for the Diocese. This has to a great extent been sufficient in giving direction but with the tremendous growth we have seen in the Diocese, then the need to involve all the stakeholders in planning and implementation of the strategies laid down to ensure a vibrant, united, committed, resourceful and sustainable diocese proclaiming the Gospel of Christ in and out of season. This will be done through equipping and developing God's people by strengthening their spiritual, moral and livelihoods in conformity with the biblical teachings.

The population served by the Diocese is faced by major challenges of:

  • Marginalization and Poverty
  • Climate change and frequent droughts
  • Poor market of agrarian products
  • Unresolved conflicts in Land use and ownership
  • Poor road infrastructures and access to social facilities.
  • Widening gap between the rich and the poor.
  • Increase in unemployed people particularly the Youth
  • Negative Ethnicity
  • Drug abuse and substance use.
  • Crime and insecurity.
  • Corruption and immoral behavior.
  • Conflict in institutional and groups leadership.
  • Development of cults and heresies.

In order to promote relevancy, efficiency and effectiveness, growth and sustainability, the Diocese has adopted strategic management in place of Management by Objectives (MBO) and Developmental goals. This is because we realize that with a strategic plan, every stakeholder will contribute towards a definite and defined end and all the developmental activities will also be well coordinated and also focused towards a defined end which is well outlined in our vision statement.

Against this background we have developed a strategic plan that has been informed by the last 5years and that is aimed at enabling the Diocese get the next level. The lessons learnt in the last 5years, the context round the 5 years and the potential we have discovered in us, has informed the strategic plan (2014 - 2019).

We have adopted our theme for the next 5 years as "Roots down, walls down and Bridges Out. “This takes into cognizance: Roots down: Roots down into evangelical Christian convictions and into our Anglican traditions. This calls towards encouraging evangelistic missions and evangelism to enhance spiritual revival among the Diocesan staff, ACK Christians and the local communities within all our contexts of operations but remaining rooted to the Evangelical Anglican traditions. Walls down: exploring opportunities for ecumenical, interreligious dialogues and getting both the internal and external church linkages as a strategy for witness and service but remaining rooted to the Evangelical Anglican traditions. Breaking all barriers that impede unity and the journey into a dynamic, vibrant, committed, resourceful and sustainable Diocese existing to proclaim the transforming Gospel of Christ in season and out of season. Bridges Out: Bridges out to and from the world connecting to the needs of our world and applying effective solutions through networking and collaborations with other Churches, Government, development agencies and all people of goodwill to promote, provide and protect life in fullness but remaining rooted to our Evangelical Anglican traditions. Building Bridges that allows everyone to know Christ and have a living relationship with him. These are structural and institutional bridges, spiritual, psychosocial bridges, economic and any other bridges that we may need to build and strengthen the Anglican Church in Mbeere along the way for the spread and believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

 We look forward to a bright future, a future where every stakeholder in ACK Diocese of Mbeere living their life in Christ and in fullness, and effectively participating and contributing to the growth of Christianity through the Diocese as an act of worship. To encourage stewardship for a sustainable and resourceful Diocese that is able to meet the needs of the current generation with-out compromising the ability of the future generation to meet their own needs; leaving a legacy for generations to come. We need to respond to Nathaniel's philosophical and theological question as to: "Can anything good come from Nazareth (Mbeere)?" May the ACK Diocese of Mbeere in Christ Jesus show our heavenly Fathers glory by bearing much fruits (John 15:8) that strengthens the Church and transforms communities in Mbeere to produce good and great people and things for the Kingdom of God now and not yet.

Let’s celebrate our church history with love and giving our diocese an anniversary gift of monetary and materials to support the Cathedral of St Peter's Mbeere Expansion Project. We appeal for your continuous support to have the latter Cathedral project complete before the next five years.

God bless you. God bless Kenya.

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